Trip to Solvang

We are on a quick get-away vacation over Labor day weekend. We decided to go to Solvang and take our dog Tucker. He really likes to be with us, but he seems to be too excited this time. He is barking constantly and driving everyone NUTS! We are staying in the Royal Copenhagen Inn because they take pets. We went around the town yesterday, and poor Sara had a small fly go up her nose :( I'm pretty sure we got it out.
We ate a good pizza dinner at Giovanni's which is in a strip mall towards the casino. At night Ed went out to take pictures of stars. He got a good one and posted it here.

image - full_46

On Saturday we went to Los Olivos. We got some delicious mini cupcakes and visited the saddle shop across from Fess Parker's place.

image - full_56
It was kind of hot so we went back to the room, but the A/C was being worked on, so we went to Hans Christian park and relaxed at a picnic table and read. Later we went back to the room rested again :) and then had dinner at a burger place called the Chomp. After dinner Sara, Jan, and Sam went swimming in the pool. Sam did really well and swam across the deep end. Now settled back in the room. The girls are watching "Once" on Sara's laptop, and I am entering this log of the day's events.