Hawaii, Kauai

June 15, 2014

Hilton Wiakaloa Resort

Now writing from the Hilton Wiakaloa Resort, and here are a few pictures to share.
card - full_201 At the Akaka Falls near Hilo,HI
card - full_203 Jan paddle boarding at the lagoon
card - full_204 Taken from Mauna Kea Observatory Visitor's center

We also went snorkeling in the lagoon, we played with a sea turtle and some fishies. I captured it on video (See below).

Hilton Wiakaloa Resort Lagoon

June 17, 2014

Trip to Hilo

On our first excursion we travelled north on the big island to see the countryside and travel to the east coast to the city of Hilo. We also stopped at the Kilauea volcano and walked through a lava tube.
card - full_957
card - full_960
card - full_962
card - full_959
card - full_956
card - full_961

June 21, 2014

Fern Grotto

We just finished a great breakfast in our condo on Kauai. Jan made Macadamia nut pancakes, bacon, and some papaya that the condo owners left us as a welcome gift basket. Sara just made reservations for the Smith's Luau for next Wed. night. Today we plan to take the boat trip up the Wailua river to the fern grotto. I have heard that it is not what it used to be, we'll take a look and let you know.
card - full_60
card - full_61

We are now back from the Fern Grotto. I have to say it doesn't exactly look like it did 28 years ago, but then neither do I. Here are some pictures. BTW we also stopped at the Spouting Horn on the way back and took some pics.
card - full_62
card - full_1095
card - full_1094
card - full_1093
card - full_1086
card - full_1090
card - full_1092
card - full_1091
card - full_1088

June 22, 2014

Waimea Canyon, Lighthouse, Hanalei Bay

We started out earlier on Saturday so we can go up to Waimea Canyon. Jan did most of the driving (I make everyone nervous on steep mountain roads). It was as beautiful as I remembered, unfortunately the camera doesn't even come close to capturing the grander.
card - full_71
card - full_1084
card - full_1083
card - full_1082
card - full_1081
card - full_1080
card - full_713
card - full_1079
card - full_1078
card - full_1076
card - full_1077

June 23, 2014

Shopping and a show

Today we took a break and did some shopping and caught a show a the local theater (How to train your dragon 2).

June 24, 2014

Horseback riding and Queen's Bath

Today we hit the trail at the Silver Falls Ranch. We rode a 90 min tour of the ranch. Mostly muddy trails but the horses were well behaved and the guide was very informative. We also hiked down to Queen's bath. It is a large tide pool in the lava rock. There were a lot of young local kids doing backflips into the surf, really cool! We saw quite a few sea turtles (Honu in Hawaiian).

card - full_1034
card - full_1075
card - full_1035
card - full_1036
card - full_1037
card - full_1038
card - full_1040
card - full_1041
card - full_1030
card - full_1027
card - full_1032
card - full_1096
card - full_1089
card - full_1087
card - full_1085

June 26, 2014

Smith's Tropical Paradise Luau

We took a long time to get up today. We were still sore from our kayak adventure yesterday. We made breakfast at the condo and went out shopping. The girls all got "mani - pedi's" due to the damage from the mud hike. In the evening we went to the Smith's luau. It was really good and we had a great time. Here are some pics.
card - full_99
card - full_1074
card - full_1071
card - full_1072
card - full_1073
card - full_1070
card - full_1068
card - full_1069
card - full_1066
card - full_1067
card - full_1065

card - full_199